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University Information Technology Services Research Computing Support

  • Research Data Center -- state-of-the-art computer storage hub to host centralized large computer clusters. Computer system types include: Shared memory (High Performance Computing), Distributed memory, and High Throughput.  These services are open to any faculty, researcher or student who has a use for HPC/HTC systems.
  • HPC/HTC Consulting -- assistance may take the form of guidance or direction when determining the best methods of evaluating and recommending high-end computing technology and software.
  • AZ-Live -- three-dimensional, computer-generated immersion room, combines 3-D computer graphics, stereoscopic projection technology, acoustical tracking devices and four-channel audio.
  • Visualization -- create graphical representations from the results of researcher's computations and simulations. Its goal is to assist the researcher in developing a deeper understanding of the data under investigation and to provide new insight. 
  • Statistical Consulting -- provide free statistical consulting services for the UA community, all forms of statistical analysis and with a wide range of statistical software.


University of Arizona Health Sciences Research Data Support

Campus Committees

Research Computing Governance Committee --shared governance committee comprised of a cross-departmental group of researchers and IT professionals with oversight of central research computing resources. It is sponsored by the Vice President of Research, the Chief Information Officer, the Dean of Libraries, and the Senior Vice President of Health Sciences. 

Recommendations available from the Campus Data Management Committee.

  • Subcommittees include:
    • HPC 2015 (Chair: Mike Bruck)
    • Big Data (Chair: Paulo Goes)
    • Data Management and Curation (Chair: Chris Kollen)
    • HPC Policies (Chair: Susan Miller)
    • RDC Policies and Co-Location (Chair: Nirav Merchant)
    • Network (Chair: Dragana Vasic)