Research Data Life Cycle

Research Life Cycle


Steps in the Research Data Life Cycle

Proposal Planning & Writing

  • Conduct a review of existing data sets
  • Determine if the project will create a new dataset (or combine existing)
  • Investigate archiving challenges, consent and confidentiality
  • Identify potential users of your data
  • Contact archives for advice (look for a suitable archive)

Project Start-up

  • Create a data management plan
  • Make decisions about documentation form and content
  • Content pretest & tests of materials and methods

Data Collection

  • Follow best practices
  • Organize files, backups & storage, QA for data collection
  • Think about access control and security

Data Analysis

  • Manage file versions
  • Document analysis and file manipulations

Data Sharing

  • Determine file formats
  • Contact archive for advice
  • Document (more) and clean-up data

End of Project

  • Write paper
  • Submit report findings
  • Deposit data in data archive (repository)

The Research Data Life Cycle Diagram and text are courtesy of the University of Virginia Data Management page.