Citing Data

It is just as important to give credit to data as other types of publications.  Providing attribution to research data promotes easier access and allows results to be verified and repurposed for future study. 

How do I cite data?

The following information should be included in a data citation

  • Author or creator
  • Title
  • Publisher or data repository
  • Publication Year (date dataset was released or published)
  • Identifier (edition or version)
  • Version
  • Availability or access (URL, doi/doi link)
  • Date accessed

Citation Examples


Sidlauskas B (2007) Data from: Testing for unequal rates of morphological diversification in the absence of a detailed phylogeny: a case study From characiform fishes. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.20.  Accessed August 15, 2011.

Tables, charts, graphs, maps or figures appearing in a publication

United States. Bureau of the Census. "Table 6. People with Income below Specified Ratios of their Poverty Thresholds by Selected Characteristics: 2009." Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2009  Accessed: 8/16/2011. 

Interactive Database

U.S. Geological Survey.  "Geology of Colorado".  Parameters: Geologic Map, Quaternary Faults, Cities and Towns.  Scale 1"=75 miles.  Dataset: National Atlas of the United States  Accessed August 15, 2011. 

More information on Citing Data

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