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Libraries have a long history of managing print data and information.  Today, Libraries are continuing this tradition by building expertise to help you preserve research data you are creating today that will be referred to and reused by other researchers today and into the future.

  The objective of this website is to provide information on developing data management plans now being required by some federal agencies and serve as support for researchers in the various stages of the research cycle.

Data Management Plans

The University Libraries are interested in working with faculty and researchers in the developing data management plans -- the best ways to share, disseminate, and make accessible research data.  Here are some resources to review that will help you create a data management plan:


We are ready to consult with faculty and researchers on the entire data life cycle. Contact Chris Kollen, Data Curation Librarian, to discuss your research.


Research Data Life Cycle

Data Life Cycle

The Research Data Life Cycle Diagram and text (click on image) are courtesy of the University of Virginia Data Management page.