Data Management Plans

A data management plan documents the lifecycle of your data.  The plan provides details on data collection for storage, access, sharing, and reproducibility of your results.  A good data management plan will ensure the availability and accessibility of your research results after your project is complete and you have published the results, increasing the value of your research and possible reuse by other researchers. 

Here are five major questions to help get you started (from NSF General Guidelines for data management plans or go to the DMP Tool)

  1. What type of data will be produced?
  2. What standards will be used for documentation and metadata?
  3. What steps will be taken to protect privacy, security, confidentiality, intellectual property or other rights?
  4. If you allow others to reuse your data, how will the data be accessed and shared?
  5. How will the data be archived and preserved?

For additional information, refer to: