Installing software

GIS Software & Online Utilities

If you're looking to create your own customized maps or preform analysis with GIS you will need software or utilities. Depending on your needs, you will either want to use desktop software on your computer, or use an online platform.

GIS desktop applications are able to offer a variety of powerful tools and applications for GIS. A great option for those who will be doing complex, comprehensive, or frequent work in a GIS.



ESRI - ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop


Single year licenses available for University of Arizona faculty, staff, and students.

An industry standard suite of comprehensive GIS applications providing sophisticated analysis and cartographic capabilities for all common data types.

See the campus software licensing page for details on licenses and downloads.

For help installing Pro

For help installing ArcGIS Desktop



Windows, Macintosh, Linux

Free, Open Source


A popular free and open source application with a large user and development community.  Provides complex analysis and cartographic capabilities with support for additional functionality through user-developed plugins.  Part of the larger OpenGeo Suite of applications.





Single year licenses available for students currently enrolled in Spatial Analysis Lab courses with the School of Geography and Development.


A robust geospatial analysis platform centered on remote sensing and photogrammetry.

Contact Tawny Lockner for license


Epi Info




A specialty software package produced by the Center for Disease Control aimed at bringing statistical analysis and GIS tools and resources to Public Health professionals.

Online GIS platforms offer a range of limited functionality suitable for most people without the need to install software onto your computer.

ArcGIS Online

(UA Access Only) ESRI's online web GIS system that allows users to create and share maps, scenes, applications, layers, analytics, and data. The University of Arizona has an organizational account with a credit pool that allows users to access and use the full suite of capabilities.



A freemium web platform offering Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Level account capabilities. Offers integrated data management, data visualizations, geolocation, and online support services that allow users to create and share an unlimited number of maps and data.

GIS Cloud

A freemium resource providing users the ability to create, style, and share maps, upload data or link to outside services, and create layers. Maps can be exported to image files.

Esri Business Analyst Online

(UA Access Only) An Esri powered service providing analytical capabilities for economic and business data to enable location aware decision making and learning for businesses and business students.
Contact Tawny Lockner for a University of Arizona User Account

These online utilities provide easy to use data manipulation services for geospatial data types.

Census Bureau Geocoder

(Public) An online geocoding utility provided by the US Census Bureau that will generate latitude and longitude coordinates from a single, or batch of, street addresses.



(Public) A web-based utility that allows you to convert from or to multiple data types including: DXF (AutoCAD), CSV, Shapefile, GeoJSON, GML, KML, and PDF.